From cuttig tools to jigs,from peripheral needed in cutting to abrasion proof tools such as carbide die and bushing, we offer excellent products to meet your processing needs.

Manufacture operation
Manufacturing Process

To become the completed product, the fed material goes through over ten manufacturing processes using the most up-to-date equipment. Throughout the process, our most skilled technicians change this material from its initial state into an ultra precise, ultra high quality and high performance tool.

[Lathe, NC lathe]

The outer surface of the part that is to become the body of the product is processed into a primarily cylindrical shape. As well, thread cutting, drilling, cutting and other operations are performed.

[Horizontal milling machine, Machining center]

The tool is used for shaping level plates and blocks, cutting grooves and gear teeth, and other operations are done to make various types and forms.

[High frequency induction heating machine, Others]

The material, which becomes the cutting edge (such as super hard alloy and diamond), is joined by melting brazing filler metal (usually silver brazing filler metal) to the body.

[NC flute grinding machine]

To create the straight or spiral grooves, a diamond grindstone is used mainly on the outer diameter of the super hard alloy round bar that is used to shape the cutting edge.

[NC cylindrical grinder, Internal grinder]

The cylinder of the product (outer diameter) and the interior (inside diameter) grinding processes are done with ultra precision. As for process tolerances, if done ultra precise, 2μ~5μ, if done normally, within 10μ.

[NC tool grinding machine]

To create the part which becomes the cutting edge of the tool, angle 2 and 3 processing as well as rough, gradual processing are performed.

[Wire and carbon electrical discharge machine]

Making use of electrical discharge phenomenon, drilling, cutting and molding processes are done. Ideal for processing heat-treated steel, super hard alloy, diamond and other hard materials.

[Automatic measurement machine ,
Variously, measurement machine.]

Each dimension precision is measured from the production drawing, and a form and so on is checked, and a precision data vote is attached.After that, it is wrapped and shipped.

Manufactured products
1.Cutting tools (special steel, carbide, diamond, CBN)
 ・drill・reamer・end mill・counter boring tool・milling cutter
2.Wear resistant tools(carbide)
 ・fine molding die・bush・center

 ・Production jig ・Inspection jig